December 26, 2022

What to Wear Guide: Colors of the Rainbow

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Colors of the Rainbow


In ancient times, the creation of purple dye was an incredibly lengthy, expensive

process. Purple garments became a symbol of wealth and nobility, even royalty; and

were sought after world-round. Although violet is now far easier to come by, the

color is still associated with its royal roots. A violet-themed engagement outfit

exudes playful sophistication and looks great on camera! Small accents of purple,

such as scarves and accessories, can also liven up an otherwise muted palette!


Indigo - or deep blue - is a rich, exceedingly popular color which looks beautiful in

almost any setting. Outfits with blue elements create a sense of calm and quiet -

perfect for a more introverted couple or natural backdrops. Blue can be dressed up

or down to fit your tastes, and can be used either as a main color or accenting in

your outfits.


Nothing says fresh and new quite like the color green! Green comes in a wide array

of shades, ranging from a yellowish, pea-like hue all the way to turquoise! Green

looks beautiful combined with earth tones, and therefore makes a wonderful choice

for outdoor shoots and backdrops of wood and stone. Even small accents of green,

such as jewelry, scarves, or shoes, look wonderful with whites and tans.


Ah, yellow! The color of happiness, of light and sunshine. Yellow is a wonderful

color to wear in outdoor, buttery natural-light shoots, and looks amazing on

camera! Although yellow can be difficult for some to wear because of its tendency to

wash out skin tones, patterns with yellow or a single yellow garment in an otherwise

neutral palette adds wonders to your images. Adding yellow florals, jewelry, or

accents also helps to make your photos go “POP!”. We love yellow!


Orange is a tangy, optimistic color that demands attention! Strong, joyful, and

happy, adding orange to your engagement session is always a hit on camera.

Couples with a more extroverted nature might enjoy orange-themed outfits. Orange

also looks wonderful in urban settings, such as against concrete, brick, and stone.


Red is one of, if not the, strongest of colors in the rainbow. A symbol of power,

passion, blood, and love, red is a bold and striking color for your engagement

session. Since red is truly a brilliant, attention-grabbing color, we recommend

peppering your outfit with red accents instead of making red the main color for all

garments. Pairing red with denim or darker neutral tones makes for striking

engagement images that create lasting impressions on your wall.