Hi there! I am Regina

I am a self-taught freelance photographer, teacher, and owner of Studio R Photography, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Photography is my passion—I live for that next best shot. I rarely leave home without my camera and always scout new places to explore and photograph. 

My interest in photography came when I was young. My uncle was a portrait photographer with a studio in Queens, New York. At family events, he was the one with the camera, capturing all the fantastic moments. He often showed me his cameras and lenses and taught me how to develop film. When I was 13, he bought me my first digital camera – an Olympus Stylus 300 3-Megapixel. I thought it was terrific and loved how you could see the photo instantaneously, unlike with film. That was when I was hooked on photography. 

During high school, I had an art teacher who took an interest in my photography and encouraged me to pursue my passion. I entered my first art show in tenth grade and won first place. It was an amazing feeling knowing that people saw value in my work. From then on, I made photography a part of my life. I never stop learning or enhancing my skills. I strive to make my next photograph better than the last. 

If someone were to ask me the type of photographer I am, it would be hard to narrow it down to just one subject. I love photographing the beauty of flowers, but I also chase sunsets, spy on animals, and capture the ebb tide. With the establishment of my studio in 2021, I branched out of my comfort zone and began to capture people. I love connecting with families, making photo sessions fun, and seeing smiling faces when a hesitant model sees their photograph has given me great joy. 

I love photography because it helps preserve a moment that may never happen again. Every photograph has a story, and I want to help you tell yours! Let's connect! 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.”